About Us

Driven by Passion, Powered by Technology

A bunch of technology enthusiasts got together to solve a rather simple and an overlooked problem, hiring. Yes, it sounds simple but as we delved further into the world of recruitment we realized that employers spend a considerable amount of time in procuring and filtering a candidate’s resume, follow-ups, email invites and more. While the applicant is stuck in a company and a job that fail to recognize the hidden potential. Since we love nothing more than solving problems we took it upon ourselves to solve, rather simplify this process.

We believe that finding the perfect fit for your organization or landing your dream job should be easy and accessible to everyone. This is when we developed Workruit. An AI-based recruitment platform that simplifies hiring. We leveraged technology to do the tedious task of manual screening, and the result we obtained was impressive. Workruit is an intuitive platform where you get relevant recommendations based on your requirements and qualifications. No more manual screenings, cold calling, opening multiple tabs. Everything you need to find your perfect candidate and dream job on one page. The future of new AI era of recruitment is here!


Manikanth Challa

CEO & Founder

Sudheer Reddy Gatla