About Us

A new-age, simple and mobile job search platform.

We are technology enthusiasts who love solving problems. We love our work, and we think the world would be a much better place if every person found passion in work. That world is our dream. That world is Workruit’s vision. We set out on this journey, so the prodigal coder hasn't wasted away as a shoddy telemarketer; while a born salesperson struggles as a mediocre engineer.

Finding great talent doesn’t have to be complicated. Finding a role that defines your passion doesn’t need to be a nightmare. With Workruit, we have revolutionized the tedious recruitment process, and replaced it with a simple and an intelligent approach. You no longer have to deal with complex databases, lengthy descriptions, and a million rows & columns. Whether you are a company or an applicant, here’s what we’ve got for you – a new age, mobile, and de-cluttered jobs solution.



Manikanth Challa

CEO & Founder


Sudheer Reddy Gatla