Basic Information

The experience part of a resume gives extensive information about your previous job history. This is the most important area of your resume, and you must select which positions to mention and which to exclude.

Employers will glance at this area of your resume to see what positions and titles you'veheld in the past. It also offers companies an idea of your greatest achievements.

You do not have to mention every aspect of your information, but you must include the following information for each position on your resume:

Job Title

Do not rename your position! Use the title for which you were employed

Company Name

Use the simplest version of the name, such as "Storytech" rather than "Storytech Pvt";

Employment Location

For each firm, provide the location and state. For example, Hyderabad, TS

Employment Period

Choose the month and year, for example, Dec 2020—Jun 2021. In case you are still working, choose the “Present” option.


In this section, add any significant achievement you may want to highlight. For example “Received employee of the year in 2020 for outstanding performance in east zone”.

For the ordinary job seeker:

Use as much of the page width as feasible for bullet points; Include as much material in your experience section as possible. For the experienced job seeker. The description details can all be entered on one line to preserve as much space as possible to add the details.

For a fresher

Include your internship details as a part of work experience



Advanced Resume-Job Description Comparison

Advanced Resume-Job Description Comparison

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