Basic Information

With influencers and professionals exploring their creativity and learning on the move on social media, it's a good idea to include such platform connections to wow the recruiter straight away. Recruiters may learn more about you before meeting you in person.


  • Add your complete linkedin account id
  • it looks like this:


  • Here you can mention your Github account ID to showcase your projects and skills.
  • Your complete Github account ID looks like:


  • In case you have a website ready to be shared as your portfolio, add the link in this section.
  • You may add any other platform link which you wish to use as a portfolio for your work.


  • If you often tweet about your industry, you should include that in your CV as well.
  • Double-check that it's still active
  • Remember to only include this if you tweet about stories, or trends that are relevant to your industry.



Advanced Resume-Job Description Comparison

Advanced Resume-Job Description Comparison

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